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يركّز "تكوين" على التنمية الإبداعيّة، وذلك عبر توفير دورات تعليميّة، وإرشاداً إبداعيّاً، وإقامات، وبرنامجاً لتدريب المدرّبين، وفرص الحصول على منح ماليّة، إضافة إلى مرافق للعمل توفّر مساحة إبداعيّة مشتركة جديدة للمصمّمين في جبل عمّان.


Focusing on creative growth, takween offers learning modules, creative mentorship, residencies, a train-the-trainer program, grants and networking opportunities, as well as workspaces and facilities for designers in a creative space in Jabal Amman.

Become a member of our community and join us at the takween creative space, where you can work, make use of our facilities and exchange ideas and experiences with other creatives.

takween offers travel grants to aspiring designers, makers or artisans to conduct an internship or training in an initiative/organization within the creative industries in Jordan or abroad.

If you are an aspiring designer, maker or artisan and have an existing small business or start-up project in mind, stay tuned for announcements on our grants, offering seed funding that will allow you to kick-start your business or develop your idea.

The takween train-the-trainer program offers professionals from the creative industry a chance to develop their facilitation, evaluation, and creative mentorship skills.

Creative practitioners can sign up to take part in the takween learning program, which aims to build creative capacity by offering modules in design research, writing and storytelling, image production, and value creation, with access to resources and skills in product development, making, prototyping, and materials.

The takween residency offers four selected designers to be enrolled in a comprehensive learning program and a personal creative mentorship program run by local and international industry professionals. Participants also receive grants aimed at kick-starting their personal businesses and positioning them for success.

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